All members of iRacing must race using their real name.


Please see the EULA (Terms of Use and End User Agreement) 4.1 and also in the Sporting Code


Much of the satisfaction of being a member of our community comes from the personal relationships that are formed and maintained here. For that reason, we require members to register using their real names, which, in addition to facilitating friendships, promotes personal responsibility.

There are times when a name change is permitted. Examples include:

  • Your account was created using a credit card that is not yours; ie. parents, spouse, etc
  • You would like to add or remove your middle name
  • Name is misspelled or characters are not displaying correctly

To request a name change email our customer support team directly at or click HERE to submit a New Support Ticket. Be sure to include your account #, current name and name you wish to change to and your date of birth including month, day and year. If you are under 18 years of age, we need your legal guardian or the person who paid for the account to contact us directly giving us permission to display your name in our application.