• The iRacing.com simulator features several hot-keys that can be used to make some tasks while driving easier to manage while driving. 

These hot-keys are setup by default the first time the sim is launched after install.

The hot-keys can be changed to each driver's preference in the options section of the sim.

  • To view or change the hot-key assignments launch the sim then choose the <OPTIONS>tab at the top right of your screen.

Once in the options section, Click the <CONTROLS> tab at the bottom of the window to view the default hot-key assignments.

  • Each user can customize the hot-keys. To change any assignment, place and click the mouse on the control you want to assign and place your mouse over the object you want to change and click
  • You'll receive a dialog box noting "unassigned"

  • Once the key is assigned the dialog will disappear, click <DONE>.
  • Other Controls
    • Text Chat: Used to initiate any text chat to all drivers or when whispering to a single driver while in the car.

    • Text Chat Reply: Quick reply to the last person that sent you a whisper message.

    • Text Chat Toggle: Use to enable or disable viewing of all chat from other drivers while driving.

    • Increase Field of View: Adjust the view from the drivers cockpit.

    • Decrease Field of View: Adjust the view from the drivers cockpit.

    • Speed Gear/Pedals Display: Toggles this display which is at the bottom left of a drivers view when in car.

    • FPS/Network Display: Frames Per Second and Network connectivity display shown at the top right of the screen when in car.

    • Cycle Splits Delta Display: Toggles the split delta on and cycle through the various deltas.


Pit Stop Black boxes can have different adjustments available depending on the type of car being driven.