In a nutshell, when calculating championship points, we average your top 25% per week, and then total your top 8 weeks.

Race Points

Race points are scored in Official Series Races.

Races are valued by the Strength of Field (SOF), which is based on the iRatings of the drivers in the field. The higher the Strength of Field, the more points are available for each finishing position.

Race event points are adjusted for field size. The larger the field the smaller the difference in points awarded for each finishing position are.

Race Week Points

Drivers may compete in as many Official Series Races as they choose in a given race week.

The best 25% of a driver’s race performances (based on points scored) in a given Race Week will be averaged at the conclusion of each Official Series Race during the week. The final average at the conclusion of the Race Week will be the driver’s Race Week Point Total and count towards the season championships in that series. 

Example: If a driver competes in 4 official races, his/her best 1 would count; race 5 to 8 times and best 2 would count; raced 9 to 12 times and average of best 3 would count; etc.

Number of RacesNumber of Races Counted in Average

Season Points

Season points are calculated by totaling the race week points earned by a driver in a given series in a single season. A driver’s best 8 weeks of the 12 Race weeks will count towards his/her season championship points. 

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