Unfortunately we are unable to change anyone's data as everyone's results are based on everyone else's results and changing one person's, will affect the entire community.


We understand that every iRacer will receive incident points as the result of being involved in accidents which they did not cause and were unable to avoid, particularly in the lower license levels.

However, it is impossible for us to accurately determine fault for every incident that happens in every race.

That is why we employ a “No Fault” penalty system and why we believe it is the best system for our service, given the number of drivers on the service and the number of races being run at any given time.

It’s also why, given the comparatively high rate of accidents, our safety ratings formulas are very forgiving in the lower levels.

We believe that anyone who is a safe driver will find it relatively easy to move to 4.0 rating in a short time.

Over time, safe drivers will be involved in fewer accidents than drivers who are less safe.

Those who are not safe will have to adjust their driving to advance their license rating.

If you’d care to read more about the specific philosophies behind the ratings and licensing systems, please refer to the iRacing Sporting Code.


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