Downloading iRacing is easy and takes just a few clicks once you create your iRacing account. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you purchased iRacing through Steam, you need to install iRacing through the Steam application.

Log into from a supported web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

If this is your first time logging in, you will see a Quick Start Guide.

(If you want to skip the Quick Start Guide go to then click Download iRacing)

    On the first page of the Quick Start Guide, click the blue Download button and follow the rest of the online instructions.



First Save and then Run the iRacingInstaller program.

Click Next here.

Click Next here.

Click Install here.

If you are prompted to install DirectX, click OK here.

Choose I accept and then click Next here.

Click Next here.

Click Finish here.

Click Return to Member Site

It should now say Updates Required

Click Get Updates Required

Click Download here.

Wait for this status window to complete...

Speed depends on many things here, internet speed, other applications running, others on your network...

Click Done when prompted here.

You may need to then refresh your browser window but you should now see that you are Up To Date and ready to get out on the track.