Driving aids can be enabled in the Options --> Drive menu under Driving Aids.


  • Auto pit speed limiter will limit the car's speed when in the pit lane to the pit speed limit. Drivers are still responsible for slowing down to the pit speed limit when entering the pits.
  • Auto engine start will start the car when pressing the throttle if the car is stopped and the engine is off.
  • Auto tearoff/wipers will activate the tearoff or wipers when the driver's vision dirties.
  • The Driving Line shows a colorized racing line around the track that is colored red for braking zones and green for acceleration zones.
  • The Pit Exit Line shows a blue line at the pit exit to guide drivers out of the pit lane.
  • Brake Assistance prevents you from locking up your brakes.
  • Throttle Assistance prevents you from spinning your wheels.

Shift Aid (Dropdown menu)

  • The Shift Aid drop-down is additive, meaning every item above your current selection is included.
    • Anti-Stall Clutch will automatically engage the clutch at low speeds and slowly release the clutch when taking off, allowing the user only to have to press the throttle.
    • Auto Clutch will automatically engage the clutch between shifts.
    • Auto Blip will automatically blip the throttle to smoothen downshifts.
    • Auto Shift will automatically shift the car through all forward gears; the user must manually change between forward and reverse.

Auto Shift, Driving Line, Auto pit speed limiter, Brake Assistance, and Throttle Assistance are disabled in official series that require a D license and above. Driving aids can be enabled or disabled for hosted sessions by the session owner. We can also add a driving aid flag to your account if you have physical reasons. You can contact support@iracing.com to request this.