Sometime during your iRacing career, you may want to load and share racecar setups. Most racecars outside the rookie classes benefit from a setup. Thus, learning this process will make you a faster driver and help you get more out of your iRacing experience.


Loading an iRacing Setup

NOTE: Different types of cars will have different setup selections. Most Oval, Dirt Oval, Prototype, and Open Wheel cars will have track-specific setups for commonly raced tracks, while most Sports Cars have fewer non track-specific setups.

To load an iRacing Setup, first ensure that you have exited the car, then select "Garage".

Then, select "iRacing Setups" in the Garage screen:

Select your desired setup, then select "Open".

The setup is now loaded to your car.

NOTE: Many iRacing setups include helpful information on choosing and adjusting setups. If you you are not sure what setup to use, please refer to the "Notes" tab of the Garage Screen.

Saving and Loading Custom Setups

When iRacing is installed, a folder named "iRacing" is created in your Documents folder. Within this there will be a folder called setups. The first time you drive a specific car, a subfolder named is created in setups with the name of the car you are driving. This Documents\iRacing\setups\carname folder contains the setups for each car. Any setups you make or modify and subsequently save will be save to the corresponding car folder.

Saving Custom Setups

To save your current setup for later use, first make your desired changes, then press Apply. Once the setup has been applied, select "Save As" in the Garage screen. 

Choose a relevant name for your setup by typing it into the box labeled "File Name", and then click the "Save" button.

The directory in Documents/iRacing/setups that iRacing uses to find setups for the car is also shown at the top of this box. In this case, it is in the directory labeled streetstock.

The setup is now saved to your Documents/iRacing/setups, under the directory listed when you saved the setup.

Loading Custom Setups

To use any saved setups, simply click "My Setups" in the Garage screen.

Then select your desired setup and then select "Open".

The selected setup is now loaded to your car.

Sharing Shared Setups

First, switch to the setup that you would like to share, then select "Share" on the Garage screen.

By default, iRacing will share the setup with everyone currently connected to the session. You may choose to share this only with members sharing the same Team or Club as you by clicking the drop-down.

NOTE: iRacing will only share the setup with drivers that are currently connected. If a driver connects after the setup has been shared, they will not be able to view it unless the setup is shared again.

Your current setup is now shared.

Loading Shared Setups

To load a shared setup, first click the "Shared Setups" in the Garage screen.

Select your desired setup from the setups shared with you, then select "Open".

The selected setup is now loaded to your car.

Using Downloaded Setups

To use a downloaded setup, first locate your Documents/iRacing/setups directory. 

Then, find the directory for the car you would like to use. Directory names are not identical to the name of the car and can be found at the top of screen when loading a setup.

Move the new setup file to the car directory. The setup can now be used by clicking "My Setups" in the Garage screen.

NOTE: Downloaded setups can be added to the directory and loaded without restarting iRacing. If you do not see a setup that has been added, close and reopen the Garage screen.