The simulator features several hot-keys that can be used to make some tasks while driving easier to manage while using the Simulator. These hot-keys are setup by default the first time the sim is launched after install and can be changed to each driver's preference in the Options menu.

In addition to the list below, printable guides are available here. Controls labeled "Not Assigned" are not assigned by default and must be assigned to a button manually by the user.


Viewing and Changing Hot-key Assignments

To view or change the hot-key assignments, launch the sim, then select "Options" at the top right of your screen.

Once in the options section, Select "Controls" at the bottom right of the window to view and adjust the hot-key assignments.

Users can customize the hot-keys to their preferences. To change any assignment, first click on the control assignment, located to the right of the name of the control.

This will display a notification noting that the control is now unassigned, and that you are now free to assign the control. Press the desired button or key combination that you would like the control to be assigned to.

Once the control has been assigned, the notification will disappear, and the control assignment should now be visible.

Some adjustments, such as the handbrake and brake bias, will need to be set using a wizard, simply follow the directions on screen to setup these controls.

NOTE: The various controls available to the driver depending on the type of car being driven. Currently available controls will always be shown with black text, while unavailable controls will be shown in gray text.

Once you are done making changes, select "Done" on the bottom right to close the Options menu.

Important Controls

Some controls are not assigned assigned by default and must be manually assigned by the user. All controls available for a car will be shown in black text, while unavailable controls will be shown in gray text. Below is a list of controls you may expect to need in different types of cars, and should be mapped to controls that are within easy reach of the driver:

All Cars
  • Push to talk (found in the Sound tab)
  • Brake Bias
  • Black Box controls
  • Pit Speed Limiter
  • Recenter HMD (if using VR)
Open Wheelers and Dirt Cars
  • Tear Off Visor
  • Push to Pass / Overtake
  • Weight Jacker (Right Spring Set)


  • Traction Control Toggle
  • Headlight Flash
F1 Cars
  • DRS
Stock Car Pro Series
  • Push to Pass / Overtake 
  • Front Antiroll Bar Set
  • Rear Antiroll Bar Set
V8 Supercars
  • Front Antiroll Bar Set
  • Rear Antiroll Bar Set
Rally Cars
  • Tear off Visor
  • Handbrake

General / In-Car Controls

Black Box Controls

Not Assigned
Next Black Box
Not AssignedPrevious Black Box
F1Lap Timing Black Box
F2Standings Black Box
F3Relative Black Box
F4Fuel Black Box
F5Tires Black Box
F6Tire Info Black Box
F7Pit-stop Adjustments Black Box
F8In-car Adjustments Black Box
F9Mirror Adjustments Black Box
F10Radio Adjustments Black Box
HomeReset the Currently Selected Control
DownSelect Previous Control
RightIncrement Selected Control
LeftDecrement Selected Control
SpaceToggle Selected Control

Control Assignments

Not AssignedHeadlight Flash
Not AssignedPit Speed Limiter
Shift + REnter/Exit/Tow Car

In-Car Adjustments

=Brake bias increase
-Brake bias decrease
Not AssignedNumerous Options Not Assigned. For more information, see Important Controls


ZLook Left
XLook Right
Not AssignedLook Up
Not Assigned Look Down


Not Assigned
Not AssignedQuieter


TText Chat
RText Reply
Not AssignedText Chat Toggle
/ [num]Whisper or Selective Chat
/r [message]respond to last private message

Voice Chat

Not Assigned
Push to Talk
Not Assigned
Not Assigned
Not Assigned

Other Controls

[Increase FOV
]Decrease FOV
Shift + [Increase Driving View (VanishY)
Shift + ]Decrease Driving View (VanishY)
PSpeed/Gear/Pedals Display
ORadio Display
FFPS/Network Display
Alt +VVideo Timer
LReport Latency
YRecenter Tilt Axis
Alt + LToggle Telemetry Logging
MMark Event in Telemetry
Ctrl+ PageUpIncrease UI
Ctrl + PageDownDecrease UI
Ctrl+ F12Open Camera Tool
Ctrl + RReload Car Textures
Alt+KToggle UI Edit

Replay / Camera Controls

Replay Functions

SpaceToggle UI off/on
Numpad 5Play/Pause
Numpad .
Shift + Numpad 6Fast Forward
Shift + Numpad 4Rewind
Numpad 8Slow Motion
Numpad 6
Next Frame
Numpad 4
Previous Frame
Ctrl + Numpad 6
Next Session
Ctrl + Numpad 4Previous Session

Shift + Numpad 3Next Lap
Shift + Numpad 1Previous Lap
Ctrl + Numpad 3Next Incident
Ctrl + Numpad 1Previous Incident

Numpad 7Start of Recording
Numpad 1End of Recording

Camera Controls

CNext Camera
Shift + CPrevious Camera
BNext Sub-Camera
Shift + BPrevious Sub-Camera
VNext Car
Shift + VPrevious Car
Ctrl + VYour Car
PgUpNext Driving Camera
PgDownPrevious Driving Camera
;Recenter Head Mounted Display


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + VStart / Stop Video Recording
(Video is saved to the Documents/iRacing/videos folder)
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + STake Screenshot
(Video is saved to the Documents/iRacing/screenshots folder)

Camera Editor

Camera Moves

Ctrl + F12Open Camera Editor
AIncrease Latitude
DDecrease Latitude
WIncrease Longitude
SDecrease Longitude
Alt + WIncrease Altitude
Alt + SDecrease Altitude
Ctrl + AIncrease Yaw
Ctrl + DDecrease Yaw
Ctrl + SIncrease Pitch
Ctrl + WDecrease Pitch
Alt + DIncrease Roll
Alt + ADecrease Roll
[Increase FOV / Zoom
]Decrease FOV /Zoom
=Increase Key Step Factor
-Decrease Key Step Factor
Ctrl + PToggle Key Acceleration
Alt + PToggle Key 10x

Mic Gain

Alt + Up ArrowIncrease Mic Gain
Alt + Down ArrowDecrease Mic Gain
Ctrl + Alt + DownAuto Set Mic Gain
Ctrl + OToggle Parabolic Mic

Edit Camera

Alt + NCycle Position Type
Alt + MCycle Aim Type
Ctrl + QAcquire Start
Shift + QAcquire End
Ctrl + LToggle Temporary Edits
Ctrl + XIncrease VanishX
Alt + XDecrease VanishX
Ctrl + YIncrease VanishY
Alt + YDecrease VanishY
Ctrl + GIncrease Blimp Radius
Ctrl + HDecrease Blimp Radius
Alt + GIncrease Blimp Velocity
Alt + H
Decrease Blimp Velocity
Ctrl + NToggle Dampening
Ctrl + MToggle Zoom
Ctrl + BToggle Beyond Fence
Alt + BToggle In Cockpit
Ctrl + ZToggle Mouse Navigation
Ctrl + JToggle Pitch Gyro
Alt + JToggle Roll Gyro
Alt + OToggle Limit Shot Range
Alt + QToggle Show Camera
Ctrl + TToggle Shot Selection
Shift + Ctrl + InsertInsert Camera
Shift + Ctrl + DeleteDelete Camera
Shift + Ctrl + CCopy Camera
Shift + Ctrl + VPaste Camera
Ctrl + Alt + CCopy Group
Ctrl + Alt + VPaste Group
Shift + Ctrl + F11Load Track
Ctrl + F11Save Track
Shift + Alt + F11Load Car
Alt + F11Save Car
Alt + IIncrease F-number
Alt + UDecrease F-number
Ctrl + FToggle Manual Focus
Ctrl + IIncrease Focus Depth
Ctrl + UDecrease Focus Depth

Administrative Commands

Adminstrative commands can be performed by either right clicking anywhere a driver's name appears and using the adminstrator menu, or by typing the following commands in the chatbox.

Messages are optional for all admin commands, and replace the default message given to the driver for each command.

For more information, see Session Admin Chat Commands.

!help [command],
!? [command]
Print list of commands
!admin <driver> [message]Give other drivers admin privileges.
!nadmin <driver> [message]Remove admin privileges from driver.
!remove <driver> [message]Permanently remove a driver from the race, can remove spectators as well.
!yellow [message]Throw a yellow if not already active, issue during 1 to go, to extend the caution.
!waveby <driver> [message]Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line.
!advance [message]Advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc).
!chat [driver]Enable chat for all drivers.
If driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver.
!nchat [driver]Disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators.
If driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only.
!black <driver> [time] or [L(laps)]Give a driver the black flag.
Default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold.
!dq <driver> [message]Disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server. This cannot be undone.
!eol <driver> [message]Move driver backwards to end of pace line.
!clear <driver> [message]Clear all pending or active black flags, slow-downs, or EOLs for a driver.

Black Box Screen

When you are on track, you can cycle through a variety of informational screens using certain function keys. These information screens will appear in the lower right corner of your field of view. Some of the information presented on each of these screens may vary slightly depending on the type of session in which you are participating (Test, Practice, Qualify, Race and Time Trial). For more information, see Black Box Screen Information.