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  • Next Black Box

    Previous Black Box
    F1Lap Timning
    F7In-pit Adjustments
    F8In-car Adjustments
    F9Mirror Adjust
    HOMEReset the Currently Selected Control
    DownSelect Previous Control
    RightIncrement Selected Control
    LeftDecrement Selected Control
    SpaceToggle Selected Control
  • Control Assignments

    Shift+REnter/Exit/Tow Car
  • Look Left/Right

    ZLook Left
    XLook Right
  • Voice Chat

    Push to Talk



  • Spotter


  • Other Controls

    TText Chat
    / [num]Whisper or Selective chat
    /r [message]Respond to Last Private Message
    [Increase FOV
    ]Decrease FOV
    Shift+[Increase Driving View(VanishY)
    Shift+]Decrease Driving View(VanishY)
    PSpeed/Gear/Pedals Display
    FFPS/Network Display
    VCamera View
    CChange Driver
    Ctrl+PageUpIncrease UI
    Ctrl+PageDownDecrease UI

Replay Functions

C, Shift+CCycle Cameras
BCycle Through the Replay Cameras
NUM1End of Tape
NUM4Single Step Rewind
NUM6Single Step Advance
NUM7Start of Tape
NUM8Cycle Slow Play
/[num]<enter>Focuses Cameras
Based on Running Order
Shift+NUM1Previous Lap
Shift+NUM3Next Lap
Shift+NUM6Fast Forward
Ctrl+NUM1FF Next Incident
Ctrl+NUM3RW Next Incident
Ctrl+NUM4Start of Race
DelStop Tape

Cam Editor

Ctrl+F12Open Camera Editor
AIncrease Latitude
DDecrease Latitude
WIncrease Longitude
SDecrease Longitude
Alt+WIncrease Altitude
Alt+SDecrease Altitude
Ctrl+AIncrease Yaw
Ctrl+DDecrease Yaw
Ctrl+SIncrease Pitch
Ctrl+WDecrease Pitch
Alt+DIncrease Roll
Alt+ADecrease Roll
[Increase FOV/Zoom
]Decrease FOV/Zoom
Alt+.Increase Near Plane Bias
Alt+,Decrease Near Plane Bias
Alt+Up ArrowIncrease Mic Gain
Alt+Down ArrowDecrease Mic Gain
Alt+NCycle Position Type
Alt+MCycle Aim Type
Ctrl+PToggle Key Acceleration
=Increase Key Step Factor
-Decrease Key Step Factor
Ctrl+XIncrease VanishX
Alt+XDecrease VanishX
Ctrl+YIncrease VanishY
Alt+YDecrease VanishY
Ctrl+GIncrease Blimp Radius
Ctrl+HDecrease Blimp Radius
Alt+GIncrease Blimp Velocity
Alt+HDecrease Blimp Velocity
Ctrl+NToggle Dampening
Ctrl+MToggle Zoom
Ctrl+BToggle Beyond Fence
Ctrl+OToggle Parabolic Mic
Alt+OToggle Limit Shot Range
Alt+QToggle Show Camera
Ctrl+QAquire Start
Shift+QAquire End
Shift+Ctrl+InsertInsert Camera
Shift+Ctrl+DeleteDelete Camera
Shift+Ctrl+CCopy Camera
Shift+Ctrl+VPast Camera
Ctrl+F11Save Track
Alt+F11Save Cars

Administrative Chat Commands

!help [command],
!? [command]
Print list of commands
!admin <driver> [message]Give other drivers admin privileges.
!nadmin <driver> [message]Remove admin privileges from driver.
!remove <driver> [message]Permanently remove a driver from the race, can remove spectators as well.
!yellow [message]Throw a yellow if not already active, issue during 1 to go, to extend the caution.
!waveby <driver> [message]Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line.
!advance [message]Advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc).
!chat [driver]Enable chat for all drivers.
If driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver.
!nchat [driver]Disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators.
If driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only.
!black <driver> [time] or [L(laps)]Give a driver the black flag.
Default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold.
!dq <driver> [message]Disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server.
!eol <driver> [message]Move driver backwards to end of pace line.
!clear <driver> [message]Clear all pending or active black flags, dq's or eol's for a driver. dram filmleri

Here is information on the black boxes from in-car.  
14.0  On Track Controls      When you are on track, you can cycle through a variety of informational screens using certain function keys. These information screens will appear in the lower right corner of your field of view. Some of the information presented on each of these screens may vary slightly depending on the type of session in which you are participating (Test, Practice, Qualify, Race and Time Trial).        
F1 – Lap Timing Current Lap – Displays the current lap number. Total Elapsed Time – Displays the total elapsed time in the current session. Current Lap Time – Displays your current lap time. Last Lap Time – Displays your previous lap time. Best Lap Time – Displays your best session lap time.        
F2 - Standings Place – Displays the positions of all session participants based on running order. This list will include each driver’s helmet and name. Overall Distance Behind/ Fastest Lap Time – Displays the overall distance behind the leader if in a race session, or in non-race sessions, the fastest overall lap time for each driver. The up/down arrow keys will allow you to view further up/down the standings.        
F3 - Relative Place – Displays the overall position of the drivers closest to you on the track, including their helmet and name. Distance Behind – Displays the gap in seconds between you and a particular driver. Colors – Your car and the Pace Car are shown in Gold. Cars on the same lap as you are listed in White. Cars that have lapped or are lapping you are shown in Red. Cars that you have lapped or are lapping you are shown in Blue. The up/down arrow keys will allow you to view further up/down the relative order display. Cars on pit lane are dimmed in the F3 box Additional F keys in Race, Qualifying and Time Trial sessions.        
F4 - Fuel The fuel display allows you to specify the amount of fuel you wish to add. This differs from the garage fuel setting, which only sets the amount of fuel that will be in the tank when you get in the car.  The pit display amount is simply added to the current level in the tank, stopping when the amount requested has been added or the tank is full, whichever comes first.      The fuel display also shows the fuel remaining and an estimate of the number of laps remaining. The engine will likely start to starve before this reaches zero. The estimate is a running average, so it's best to check it at the same point each lap, as it varies from place to place.      The amount to add will automatically be set to max fuel once you leave pit road, and the checkbox is checked. That way, nothing needs to be done in order to refuel on your next stop. If you don't want to refuel, you will need to either lower the amount to add, or clear the checkbox.        
F5 – Tires The tire pressure that is adjusted on the pit display is the cold pressure, just as in the garage. You may ask for a tire pressure change only, not a tire change, by changing the requested cold pressure and clearing the checkbox.        32      The change tire checkbox is automatically checked for all four tires once you leave pit road. This way, your tires will be changed automatically on your next stop. If you don't want to change tires (or don't want to change a specific tire), you must clear the checkbox for each tire you do not want to change.        
F6 – Tire Info Displays each inside, middle and outside tire temp for the last set of tires taken off the car; also shows the wear percentage of each tire. Take note: These are not readings from the current set of tires on the car.        
F7 – Pit Stop Adjustments Allows a chassis setting to be adjusted on a pit stop. What type of specific adjustment varies depending on the car. This can be set while on track but these adjustments are only made on the pit stop.        
F8 -  In-car Adjustments This allows the driver to adjust chassis settings while on track. Unlike pit stop adjustments, these changes take effect immediately. The type of adjustments allowed varies depending on the car.        
F9 – Mirror Adjustment Right and left side mirror adjustment of the yaw and pitch of cockpit mirrors.