Each time you boot up your computer, the iRacing Service should start up automatically.

If you are getting the "Not In Service" error message, this means that something on your computer has shut down the iRacing Service which automatically starts up each time you boot up your computer. I

Please note, you can not install iRacing to the root of a hard drive. By default, the iRacing software is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\iRacing. If you want to install it elsewhere, it must be in a folder, not to the root of the hard drive.

If you open Windows Task Manager, in the Processes tab, in the Background Processes section - if you don't see "iRacing.com Helper Service" listed as a running process, please try and start the service manually:

On your keyboard select the Windows icon key and the letter E at the same time
Within this window Select Computer
Open your C drive
Open Program Files (x86)
Open your iRacing Folder
Then Select (double click) START_iRacingservice.bat (let that black box disappear)Log back onto members.iRacing.com or refresh the page.