How to submit a crash report

Please send any iRacing error logs you see with the date and time of when you have the issue as attachments (do NOT copy and paste the contents into the body of an email)  to

These logs are located in your Documents/iRacing folder and they have file names that start with "iRacingSim64Dx11..." and look at the Date Modified (or Date Created).

Crash reports can be invaluable for improving the sim. For a crash report to be useful, we need three pieces of information:

  • The date the crash occurred
  • A brief description of what happened before the sim crashed
  • Crash details from the system log

Crash details can be found in the Event Viewer program. To run this program, in the Search dialogue box on your computer, type "eventvwr” into that dialog (without the " marks), and choose View event logs. 

The Event Viewer may take a few minutes the first time it’s run, this is normal.  

  1. Select the Application log under Windows Logs
  2. Find the error generated by the sim and double-click on it
  3. Copy the error details and paste them in your crash report

Scroll down until you see in the Level column where it says ERROR with a red exclamation point at the time and date of when you are experiencing the crash and send is the information in the General tab.