When racing in VR, the user must provide a point to define as center or "straight ahead" for the cockpit camera. This position is initially set when the headset and sim are started, but often needs to be adjusted to the user's preferences.

To make this adjustment, first launch the sim and enter the Options menu, then find setting called “Recenter HMD” at the bottom right of the Controls tab and ensure it is mapped. The default mapping for this control is the ";" key, but it is highly recommended to map the control to a button that can be pressed easily while seated with the headset on. 

After the control has been mapped, enter the car, sit exactly how you would sit if you were racing, then press the mapped button to recenter your headset. This will set the direction that you are currently looking in as the new center.

Fine Tuning

If the position is still not how you prefer, exit the car and switch to a Cockpit view in the replay, then press Ctrl + F12 to open the Camera editor.

Once in the Camera editor, the Offset and Orient values located at the top of the editor can be adjusted to fine-tune the camera position. Once you are satisfied with your changes, press “Save Car” at the bottom. This will save the cockpit camera. You will have to do this for each vehicle you race, but once they are saved, the adjustment will not need to be made again for the same vehicle.