If you saved the replay it should have been saved in your computer in your …\Documents\iRacing\replay folder.

You can view the replay by going to the website and finding “Results & Stats” in the menu bar.

When you hover your cursor over “Results & Stats” you will see “My Replays” shown on the menu bar below.

Click on “My Replays” and you will see your list of replays. Notice there are two tabs here - one for Online Replays, and one for Testing Replays.

Double click the replay that you saved containing the incident and you will see it load.

Once in the replay screen you can use the cut and save tools to save just the incident from the replay so that it will be small enough to send as an attachment with your protest.

Use the cut tool to mark the beginning point and the save tool to mark the end point of your replay.

You may also find our How To Video helpful with this - https://youtu.be/5w0OLHAqO4g