Section 10 of the iRacing Sporting Code outlines how to file an appeal.

10. Appeals 10.1. Right to Appeal 10.1.1. Any member assessed a penalty shall have the right to appeal any decision or penalty imposed by unless otherwise stated in the penalty notice itself, or in the iRacing Official Sporting Code.

10.1.2. All members are afforded one free appeal for each regular 12-week racing season.

10.2. Well-Founded Appeals 10.2.1. To be considered, an appeal must be well founded. An appeal shall be reasonable, logical. and based on sound evidence. Regardless of the outcome, may deem an appeal to be frivolous if it is found not to be reasonable, logical, and based on sound evidence. reserves the right to assess a penalty to any member filing a frivolous appeal.

10.3. Initiating an Appeal 

10.3.1. Appeals must be made in writing, specifically asking for an appeal, specifying the exact nature of the appeal and why it is believed an appeal is warranted, along with all evidence to support the appeal. Written appeals must be addressed to “Appeals Committee-iRacing” and submitted to This is the only place to formally make an appeal. Appeals must be submitted within seven days of the penalty or decision being appealed. Any evidence, data, recordings or third party accounts are welcome and encouraged to be submitted with appeal. “Intent to Appeal” or other informal appeals of any kind will not be accepted. 

10.3.2. Example of a Properly Formatted Appeal- Sporting Code Section: Driver: Joe Smith Grounds for and Description of Appeal: I feel the wrong decision has been made because… Accompanying Attachments: chat_text.jpg Version - 2018.09 32

10.4. Notification and Final Appeal Decision 

10.4.1. will notify the member of its final decision as soon as possible after the decision is rendered. shall also have the right to publish the appeal to other or all members. Members or any persons shall have no right of action against the Appeals Committee, or The appeal decision and resolution is final and binding with no other right to appeal. 

10.4.2. All members expressly agree not to initiate or maintain claims, suits or actions of any kind, including without limitation arbitration proceedings, against or anyone acting on behalf of these organizations, with respect to any final appeal decision. 

10.4.3. All members expressly agree that if any member initiates or maintains any claim, suit or action in violation of the above provision, that member will reimburse for all costs and expenses relating to the claim, suit or action, including attorneys’ fees, and that such amount represents damages and not a penalty against the member.