Hosted sessions enable you to create a personalized race event at any time.

Hosted sessions are charged at 50 cents per hour for the session host only. You can select a 2 hour session for $1, a 4 hour session for $2, or a 6 hour session for $3. In addition, we offer a volume discount of 25% off the price once you purchase 6 hosted session in a 30 day rolling period.  Please know that this is pre-tax, so make sure to have enough iRacing dollars to cover tax/vat as well.

Although we charge you to create a race there is no charge to join a race.

Hosted sessions do not impact your safety rating or iRating.

You can make your race private by providing a session password and giving the password to your friends.

When scheduling races in the future you can specify a 12 or 24 hour clock but you must specify a time at least 15 minutes into the future. Hosted sessions scheduled in the future, will be charged at the time the race goes off, not when the session is created.

The race component of your session can be limited by laps, by minutes, or by laps or minutes. The laps or minutes option will terminate the race when either the lap or minutes threshold is reached.