You are able to use the Test Drive site during all of our downtimes for updates/maintenance. This is where you can try cars before you buy them. There is not an option to test tracks at this time.

In addition, the newest cars become available in Test Drive typically for their second season on iRacing. This allows proper testing and adjustments before the item is added to our Test Drive site which is a completely separate site from the iRacing SIM.


All scheduled updates/maintenance times are posted in the forums, in the header on the UI, in announcements on the main page of the members site, and on Twitter (@iRacingSupport).

The iRacing Test Drive service will be enabled prior to the beginning of downtime, and will remain up until shortly after the maintenance has been completed. You may use Test Drive with ANY vehicles you have downloaded, even those you do not own. You may only Test Drive on tracks you own. 

To download content and updates, use our Download site:
To access the iRacing Test Drive service, use our Test Drive site app: 

If this is your first time to Test Drive:

  • Be sure to check the "Register/Reset Password" box.
  • Create a Test Drive account by registering with the email address you have associated with your current iRacing account. You must use the same email address associated with your regular iRacing account and you need to have access to it as we will be sending a confirmation email that requires further action. Note: this will be a separate account and any changes to your password will not affect your regular iRacing account. Finally, you do not need to create a Test Drive account if you do not want to. Your regular iRacing account will remain active and will be available as soon as we complete our maintenance down time.
  • A verification email with a verification link will be sent to the email address you used to register. Click on the link in the confirmation to verify your account.
  • Login to your Test Drive account and select the car and track you would like to test with.

Returning users who already have created a Test Drive account:

  • Login with the Test Drive account you setup previously. You can reset your password if you don't remember it by selecting the checkbox and specifying your email and new password.
  • Once logged in to Test Drive, select the car and track you would like to drive in your test session.

Active Test Drive Site:


You will need to register your account on that site, and any car you want to test must be installed and updated from prior to using it on the Test Drive site.

If you have any issues or questions regarding our Test Drive site, please reach out to