First make sure that you have enough iRacing dollars in your iRacing account so that you create your session.

Generally, the cost of creating a hosted session is roughly 50 cents per hour (not including any discounts) and the cost is only for the person creating the session, not for any of the drivers. You can add iRacing dollars into your account by going to Store...iRacing Dollars.


Now you are ready to create your session.

Go to Go Racing...Create A Race

Choose Last Settings (if you want to start with the same settings as the last hosted race you created) or New Race.


Create A Race:

Race Information:

First, if this is for a League, you would Enable League Racing

Then name your Session

You can set a password (this is optional) if you want to make this session available to only those with the password.

Enter a description (this is optional) or any other notes about this session. This information will be available for all to view, even if you set a password.

Then move onto Server Details


Server Details:

Choose a server location closest to where you think most of your drivers will be from.

Enable Start Now if you want to have the session start immediately.


or you can select a future date and time

Then go onto Admins



Here you can add additional Admins if you like (this is optional).

Then move on to Time Limit.


Time Limit:

Enable Heat Racing only if this session is to include heat racing

Otherwise, choose what you want your times for each area of the session to be.

a) Open Practice Only

b) Open Qualifier + Race

c) Practice + Lone Qualifier + Race

d) Practice + Open Qualifier + Race

You can move the sliders back and forth to adjust each of the times.

Then move onto Race Options.


Race Options:

First you can enable Team Driving if this session involves Team Driving.


Then, here is where you can set limits of the drivers that are eligible for this session.

You would do this by moving the sliders.

First you can limit those eligible by license class.

Below we have made it so only A class license holders


Next you can limit those eligible by iRating.

Below we made it so only drivers with iRating of 2000 and above would be eligible for this session.

Car Incident Limit - here is where you can decide if you want your session to have an incident limit (and set how many) or unlimited.

The same next with Incident Warning.

Your choices here are:

No Incident Warning

Warning every [x] incidents

Warning at [x] incidents, then every [y] incidents

Disable Car Damage - by turning this on, you disable the ability to damage cars in the session.

Here is where you can either enable or disable car decals and numbers


 Next you can set which driving aids are available. Your options are:

Disallow all driving aids (but clutch assist is ok)

No driving aids allowed

Allow all driving aids

Allow all driving aids, plus relaxed camera views


Here is where you can either enable or disable restricting results to event participants

And also here is where you can either enable or disable restricting spectators to club/leagues.

Then go onto Weather.



Next you can set the Weather:

If Generate Weather is enabled, it will automatically set the weather based on each track.

If Generate Weather is disabled, you can set the sky (clear, Partly Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy or Overcast)


The temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed (and direction).

You can also change the Initial Weather Variation (which controls how different the actual starting conditions may be from the requested conditions) as well as the Ongoing Weather Variation (which controls how much the weather will change from the starting conditions as time passes in the sim)

Then move onto Cars.


Before selecting the cars for the session, first either enable or disable Fixed Setups.

Then you can choose your car(s).

You can create a multi class session by selecting multiple cars. You can choose up to 7 different cars.

With each car, you can set the Fuel Capacity, weight penalty, Engine Power and Max Tire Changes.


Now select your track (and track configuration).

Then onto Track Options.


Track Options:

If you have enabled Leagues earlier, here is where you can create a starting grid:

Then Max Drivers (max depends on the track).

Moving on, next you can choose

Starting Type: (either Rolling or Standing)

Restart Type: (Single-File Maintain, Single-file Back, Double-file Inside, Double-file Back, Double0file Inside 3x or Double-file Back 3x)

Consecutive Cautions Restart Single File:  either enable or disable (when a caution is triggered immediately following a previous caution period, have the subsequent caution restart single-file)

Pace Car (default, Porsche, Mustang or Truck)

Fast Repairs: either No Limit or set a number of Fast Repairs by sliding the dot over

Green/White/Checkered: number of attempts at a green/white/checkered finish. Only applicable for lap races.

Joker Laps: if the track supports it, for example a rally cross configuration track.

Short Parade Lap (if available for the chosen track/track configuration)

Automatic Full Course Yellows 

Lucky Dog Rule: enable or disable

Wave Arounds: enable or disable

Do Not Count Caution Laps: enable or disable

Then move onto Track Conditions

Here you can set things like marbles, Practice starting state, Qualify starting state, Race starting state and also determine if it will carry over.


Note, you can either have the interface walk you through Step by Step (Wizard) or show you steps at once. You can also reset.

Wizard View:


Or all steps at once:


And click here to Reset if needed:


Make sure to check all of your settings to make sure everything is correct before clicking Buy Now:


Then follow the rest of the instructions to check out. You have now created your hosted session and you should now see it on the Hosted Races page (it may take a minute or two for it to show up).

But after a couple of minutes:


If you set it to run at a future time, only the person who created the session can see it and it will be grayed out although you can still click on it to edit it if needed. Only sessions scheduled for the future can be edited. Sessions created to “Start Now” can NOT be edited.