We now allow users to bring AI rosters into hosted sessions with them, with a few restrictions:

  • The Car and Track must both be AI-enabled
  • AI cannot be used in combination with Teams
  • The session host must run the AI on their machine
  • The host must stay connected to the server in order to transmit the AI
  • AI drivers take a grid spot just like a normal user, and this cannot be recovered after it has been taken.

To help identify AI-enabled cars and tracks we have added a filter to both car and track selectors.

Hosting AI requires more bandwidth than normal racing. If a user frequently blinks or has connection issues they should not host AI or the AI will go through the same blinking issues. 

AI can be used in League sessions, but cannot be assigned to a fixed starting grid. They do not score points. 

Common Issues

AI drivers all disappear togetherThe user hosting the AI most likely has a connection issue. 
AI drivers never appear in the session
The user hosting the AI must register through the UI. Registering through the membersite does not support bringing AI into the session. 
AI drivers not all appearing 
This is most likely related to the Connection Type set in the Account section of the membersite. More info is available here - https://support.iracing.com/a/solutions/articles/31000149355