2022 Season 1 Patch 2 Release Notes [2022.01.25.03]

This Patch contains some updates and fixes for 2022 Season 1, as well as the brand new Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum!




Dramatically improved and expanded the format, information, and details that can be found about your License Classes, SR, MPR status, and seasonal promotion status.

This should now be a one-stop-shop for helping you determine everything you might need to know about your License Classes, including:

- - Where you stand in the current season.

- - What will happen to your licenses at the end of the season if nothing changes.

- - If you’ve already received a Fast Track Promotion or Reckless Driver Demotion.

- - What you can do to continue improving your License Classes before the end of the season.

Up Next

Fixed an issue where Favorited Cars, Tracks, and Series were not getting properly reflected when applying filters to view the Favorited selections.

Official Series

Resolved an issue in the Series Season schedule where selecting a car from the Car Selection dropdown was causing some images from the schedule to appear over the dropdown selections.

Team Racing

Added an additional tooltip to the Team Driver Registration table that displays to the user that all available team drivers have been added. This is specifically to handle the default Team case of a single driver on a default team.

Heat Racing

Resolved an issue where Warm Up time for a Heat Race could not be set to 0.

Create a Race

Resolved an issue where the default value of the Weight Penalty within the Car Settings popover was incorrect.

AI Racing

Fixed an issue where the Go To Store button was appearing in AI Single Race without having any content selected.

Paint Shop

An informative message has been added to the “Model Options” area for vehicles that do not allow custom paint scheme files.




NVIDIA Reflex support has been enabled.

- - When enabled in the Graphics options (on the top right), and when the Simulator is GPU-bound, this option reduces Simulator to render latency by enabling low latency mode in the device driver. When enabled with “boost mode” it also keeps the GPU clock rate higher when the Simulator is CPU-bound, which can help a little bit too. Enabling NVIDIA Reflex in the Graphics Options can help reduce this latency, mainly when the Simulator is GPU-bound. When CPU-bound, there is not much Reflex can do.

An additional graphics-related system meter, named "T" has been added to the user interface.

- - The T-Meter measures the total frame time from when the renderer started generating the frame until the GPU completed drawing it. It is not the same as the R + G timer, because the CPU queues frames to the GPU and they can pile up, also the GPU is running in parallel with the CPU.

- - The maximum pre-rendered frame widgets are hidden when Reflex is enabled, since it takes over and keeps it near zero.

The NVIDIA Reflex option is disabled by default if the GPU/driver does not support it.


A new setting, “[SPCC] textDurationFactor=1” has been added to the app.ini file.

- - This value is the multiple for the length of time spotter text messages are displayed on the screen (ie: a value of 2 leaves spotter messages on the screen twice as long as the default value of 1).


TrueForce support has been temporarily disabled while we await a patch to GHUB.

- - This was done because TrueForce being enabled will cause the Simulator to fail to close properly.

- - All Logitech G923 users will need to recalibrate their steering.

- - If desired, you can manually turn TrueForce support back on by manually editing the “app.ini” file and setting “[Force Feedback] trueForceEnabledForcedOff=1”.

Reworked Logitech TrueForce support so users will no longer need to recalibrate after the system is enabled/disabled.

- - That’s right! This is hopefully the last time you’ll be forced to recalibrate by an update!



Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020

Fixed an issue where the IMSA numbers were black instead of white.

Hyundai Elantra N TC

Fix issue with this vehicle having a corrupt “yaml” telemetry string.

Fixed a texture issue on the trunk area.

Mercedes-AMG GT3

The occurrence frequency of ignition cut backfires has been reduced to a more realistic level.

NASCAR Cup Series Class Cars

Drafting parameters have been updated.

NASCAR Next Gen Class Cars

Drafting parameters have been updated.

Vehicle parameters have been updated slightly to satisfy the latest NASCAR rules packages.

Car specs have been updated based on the latest information from NASCAR. This includes utilizing low downforce and 670 horsepower configurations at all tracks besides Super Speedways.

Fixed an issue with a cyclic modulation in the engine sounds for high RPM.

iRacing setups have been updated.

Porsche 911 RSR

Fixed an issue where the steering column was invisible when this vehicle was viewed in the Paint Shop.

SCCA Spec Racer Ford

Brake bias adjustments are now allowed during Fixed Setup Sessions.



Charlotte Motor Speedway

Fixed an issue with dark green grass edges.

Daytona International Speedway

Fixed some issues where some off-track surface types were not set properly.

(Road Course) - The time penalty for cutting the Bus Stop has been increased, and  tire barriers have been deployed in defensive positions at the Bus Stop to prevent course cutting.

(Road Course) - The sausage curb has been removed.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum


The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a short asphalt oval, is now available for purchase and racing!

More than 100 years ago, one of the United States’ most iconic sporting venues was commissioned as a memorial to veterans of World War I. Since then, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has hosted just about every event imaginable, from the Summer Olympics (three times as of 2028, which will become a record for any facility at that time) to the Super Bowl, and has served as the home stadium for numerous professional and college sports teams in football, baseball, soccer, and rugby. The stadium has even hosted dozens of major off-road motorsport events, with trucks and cars jumping in and out of the Coliseum entrance every lap.

In 2022, NASCAR became the latest major league sport to join the venue’s legacy with the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum. A quarter-mile circuit constructed within stadium walls will see the annual preseason all-star race of the NASCAR Cup Series leave Daytona for the first time. The track was designed and tested by iRacing in cooperation with NASCAR in advance of the unique event, with top real-world and sim racing pros all logging countless laps before both its release on iRacing and real-world debut. The change in venue also leads to a change in format, with qualifying heats to build the feature grid in a manner similar to a local short track race.

Now’s your chance to take the wheel in a unique part of NASCAR history in one of America’s most iconic sporting venues. See if you’ve got what it takes to conquer the Coliseum quarter mile!

Add the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to your iRacing landscape by purchasing it from the iRacing store here: https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/TrackDetail.do?trkid=437

Nürburgring Combined

The rolling start grid has been moved back to the gantry on the straight to mitigate issues with proper spacing on starts with multi-class Sessions.

Oran Park Raceway

Fixed some issues with terrain planes sticking through some walls.