Selecting an Output Device

The iRacing UI now supports selection of your graphics device before launching the sim. This can be done one of two ways.

  1. First, there is a selector in the status bar at the top of the UI. The symbol will match your currently selected device, and by default will show a monitor icon. When a VR headset is selected the icon will show a headset.

    To change the currently selected device click on the icon and select the output system you'd like to use. For Oculus users this will generally be the Oculus option, while all other VR users will want to use the OpenVR option.

  2. Second, there is a pop-up selector that appears when you enter the sim. This can be disabled so the sim will always launch immediately into whatever is selected in the status bar.

    If you asked to not see this prompt again but have changed your mind, you can reenable it in Settings.

    The exception to this is Time Attack, which will never display this prompt.


Help, I Lost My Settings!

If you find yourself with your settings reset and want to recover your old options they are still preserved in your Documents\iRacing folder. 

To recover the old settings, find the new rendererDX11.ini file for the device you want to change. For example if you're trying to reset settings on your Oculus headset you would delete Documents\iRacing\rendererDX11Oculus.ini.

Once this is done, launch the sim again on that device. The graphics config should appear, and you should select the middle button. This will create a new renderer file specifically for that device, but will create it as a copy of your current settings.