When you are on track, you can cycle through a variety of informational screens and controls using certain function keys. These information screens will appear in the lower right corner of your field of view. Some of the information presented on each of these screens may vary slightly depending on the type of session in which you are participating (Test, Practice, Qualify, Race and Time Trial). 

F1 – Lap Timing

Current in-sim date and time is displayed on the top right.

DC Lap: Displays the laps needed to satisfy the Driver Fair Share Rule, see the link for more details.

Lap: Displays the current lap number. Also dispalys the number of laps to the finish if the race length is determined by laps.

Elapsed/Remaining: Displays the total elapsed or remaining time in the current session.

Curr: Displays the current lap number

Last: Displays your previous lap time.

Best: Displays your Best session lap time.

Ahead/Behind: Displays the the driver ahead/behind the driver and their previous lap time.

Incidents: Displays your current incident count and the number of inciden
ts before the next penalty.
F2 - Standings

Displays the positions of all session participants based on running order. This list will include each driver’s number and name, as well as their overall gap behind the leader in race sessions, or fastest lap time in practice and qualifying.

Use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the standings.
F3 - Relative

Displays the overall position of the drivers closest to you on the track, including their helmet and name.
Distance Behind – Displays the gap in seconds between you and a particular driver.

Your car and the Pace Car are shown in Gold. Cars on the same lap as you are listed in White. Cars more than one lap ahead are shown in Red. Cars more than one lap behind are shown in Blue. Cars in pit lane are shown in Gray.
F4 - Fuel
Add: Specifies the amount of fuel you wish to add to the tank at the next pit stop. The amount shown in the Fuel Black Box is simply added to the current level in the tank, stopping when the amount requested has been added or the tank is full, whichever comes first.

Begin Fueling: Toggles refueling at the next pit stop.
Remaining: The amount of fuel currently in the fuel tank.

Est. Laps: Estimated laps remaining on the current fuel load, based on current fuel consumption data.

Windshield Tearoff: Toggles the windshield tearoff removal at the next pit stop.

Fast Repair: Toggles fast repairs at the next pit stop and displays the number of fast repairs remaining.
F5 – Tires

Replace: Toggles which tires are changed at the next pit stop. Some cars may only let you change tires one side at a time, or as a complete set.

Compound (if available): Toggles the compound of tire used at the next pit stop.

LF/RF/LR/RR: Adjusts the cold pressure of the corresponding tire installed at the next pit stop, by default the pressures in this box are defined by the setup loaded.

F6 – Tire Info

Displays each inside, middle and outside tire temp for the last set of tires taken off the car; also shows the wear percentage of each tire.

Like the Tire Information available in the Garage Screen, this information is only updated every pit stop.
F7 – Pit Stop Adjustments

Allows chassis settings to be adjusted during the next pit stop. What type of specific adjustment varies depending on the car. This can be set while on track but these adjustments are only made on the pit stop.
F8 - In-car Adjustments

Allows the driver to adjust chassis settings while on track. Unlike pit stop adjustments, these changes take effect immediately. The type of adjustments allowed varies depending on the car.

Many of these options can also be adjusted through Sim Hot-Key Combinations.

This Black Box cannot be adjusted by the Spotter or Crew Chief.
F9 – Graphics Adjustments

Mirror: Select the mirror you wish to adjust.

Yaw: Adjust the Yaw of the mirror.

Pitch: Adjust the pitch of the mirror.

VMirror FOV: Adjust the Field of View of the Virtual Mirror

Driving FOV: Adjusting the Field of View when driving.

Shift horizon: Adjust the position of the horizon.

Driver height: Adjust driver height.

FFB Strength: adjust the FFB settings and enable auto FFB.
F10 –  Radio

Scan: toggles scanning of optional channels

Del: Toggles scanning of all channels

Add: Add new channels by typing the name of the channel you wish to create and pressing ENTER

Scanner: Displays the channels you can subscribe to. Unsubscribed channels are shown in gray. Non-locked channels subscription status can be toggled by clicking on the channel name.

Transmitter: Displays the channels you can transmit on. The transmit channel can be toggled by clicking on the channel you would like to transmit on.