2022 Season 3 Hotfix 1 Release Notes [2022.06.07.03]

This Hotfix contains some fixes for the 2022 Season 3 Release.



AI Racing

Fixed an issue where the Generate Roster option is missing from the AI options screen when a user selects the option that all cars will be used in a single car class.



Race Servers

Fixed a critical Race Server crashing issue that could occur during rolling starts  if a driver lost their connection to the race server after the green flag was waved, but before they crossed the start/finish line.


Fixed an issue with AMD FSR while MVP was enabled.



<Car Class> NASCAR Next Gen Cars

Fixed an issue where the Left-Rear ride height could fail tech inspection without any warning to the user.

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO

Fixed an issue where the windshield went missing during the season update.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020

Paint patterns have been updated with missing splitter and dive planes.



Fuji International Speedway

Slow-down checkpoints for Turn 3, Turn 13, and Turn 15 have been improved.

Images for the Track Rules tab have been added.