2022 Season 4 Patch 2 Hotfix 1 Release Notes [2022.10.25.02]

This Patch contains some fixes and updates for the 2022 Season 4 Release.



Create a Race

Resolved an issue where an incorrect time was being displayed in the time section of the date picker component. This is now fixed for Create a Race, Test Drive, AI Single Race and AI Seasons.

Team Racing

The Team Paint Shop button is now more prominent on the Teams modal window.

Dynamic Images

Fixed an issue where some dynamic interface images generated by the Simulator, such as helmets and car paints, could occasionally not load in the UI.



Race Control

Fixed an issue that could occur where the Race would not go green if there was no inside line leader for a rolling start.

Dynamic Track

On Dirt Ovals, fixed an issue with dirt heights along the track walls that led to excessive bumps and could cause snagging for cars utilizing the New Damage Model.


Removed a confusing checkered flag message from the TJ and Steve spotter pack.



Indianapolis Motor Speedway

(IndyCar Oval) - Fixed an issue where Time Attack was starting drivers on the Road Course stalls, causing an immediate black flag.