What Is Active Reset?

Active Reset is a feature for practicing sections of a track without having to reset the car all the way back to pits or the nearest reset point. It creates a snapshot of the car and track state that you can run quickly and repeatedly. You will be able to evaluate your performance through sections of the track that you define.

For example, if you’re practicing the back half of the Nordschleife (a very long track), and you don’t want to reset, warm up the car, and drive it all the way back out again, you can use this feature to quickly practice a section of the track. 

How Do I Use It?

You need at least two controls bound. In the sim, go to OPTIONS->CONTROL, and under OTHER CONTROLS, you will see two entries for saving/running corner practice snapshots. Bind these to a control of your choice, preferably one that is easily reachable when driving.

Saving a Snapshot

When you press your control for saving the corner practice snapshot, your current car position, speed, temperature, and everything else will be saved. 

It is preferable to save a snapshot on a straightaway at race pace, leading into the corners you want to practice, and with the car warmed up first. This way, the conditions will be the same as what you would experience in a race.

Running a Snapshot

When you press your control for running the corner practice snapshot, your car will be teleported back to where you saved your snapshot, and in the exact same state that it was saved in.

If you find this jarring, you can press and hold the run control and the sim will pause when you are moved. The sim will resume when you release the run button.

Your current steering, throttle, and brake inputs will be briefly blended in with your old recorded inputs to make sure the car stays stable when running the snapshot.

Performance Deltas (Using the Custom Sector)

You will also have the ability to evaluate your performance with the delta system when you run a snapshot. However, you aren’t constrained to the existing track sectors, which might not line up with the portion of the track you want to practice.

Your times will be recorded in a custom sector- this sector is flexible and changes when you use Active Reset. The sector start point is where you first save the snapshot, and the sector end point is where you are when you first run the snapshot.

When you first run the snapshot, the delta mode window will automatically be shown with your times through this custom sector, as seen below in the bottom left.

When you finish your first attempt through this custom sector, your time will be recorded. Your next attempts will give you a performance delta and timing against your best attempt. This delta system works the same as the existing deltas, and you can still cycle through the modes (vs. all time best lap, off, etc).

The custom sector will be cleared out along with your results when you save a new snapshot.

Extending or Redefining the Custom Sector

Let’s say you’ve practiced a section of track to your satisfaction, and want to extend your sector to include more corners, without making a new snapshot.

There are additional controls you can bind for manually setting the custom sector start and end points.

If you bind a control for setting the custom sector end and press it, you will set the new endpoint of the custom sector to your car’s current position. You would drive out further past the current endpoint and record a new one to extend the custom sector. This will also clear out your current times.

Note that you can also bind a control for setting a new custom sector start. Using this after setting an active reset save point will change the point where the delta bar starts the comparison. Using this you can give yourself a run up to the custom sector after running active reset. 

You can use this custom sector independently of Active Reset, if desired.

Notes and Usage Suggestions

  • You can practice launches using this feature. The custom sector start point is actually slightly in front of where you save the snapshot. This means that if you save a snapshot while stopped (and have a defined endpoint), the sector attempt will not begin until you have driven a couple meters. This allows you to take your time to get set up after running the snapshot but before you actually launch.
  • You may not create a new snapshot while you are in your pit stall.
  • Vehicle setups and in-car settings are reverted. If you save a snapshot, then make setup changes, then run the snapshot, your setup reverts to what it was when you saved the snapshot. This is necessary because changing the setup alone may invalidate the physics state of the rest of the car.
  • The entire state of the car is saved, as well as the track state, such as temperature (but not weather conditions).
  • Active Reset can only be used when you are by yourself in a lone practice session. It will not work in any session with other players, or in qualifying or race sessions.
  • Press and hold the run button to auto-pause the sim when the snapshot is run. Release the run button to resume the sim.
  • When running a snapshot, your current inputs will be briefly blended with the snapshot’s saved inputs. This makes sure the car remains stable when you first run the snapshot.
  • There is a minimum amount of time that must elapse before you can run or save a snapshot again (currently 1.5 seconds).
  • Running a snapshot will invalidate your current lap time.