If you are getting this message, please email support@iracing.com but we will need to know the following:

Do you have this issue launching TEST sessions from the iRacing UI?

2.  This can also happen if you have multiple installations of iRacing and the iRacing Service and the UI applications are from two different installations. 

If you open your Windows Task Manager, and right click on the process running called "iRacing.com Helper Service", then choose Properties and tell us what it says for Location:


Also, if you right click the iRacing UI desktop icon and choose Properties, can you let us know what is says for target:


3. This can also happen if a) you are backing up your Documents folder to the OneDrive or the Windows user you are logged in as has a special character in the name.

If you open Windows File Explorer, then navigate to your Documents folder - do you see a folder there called "iRacing"?

If so, please right click it and choose Properties  - can you tell us what the location of the folder is?

4.  This can also happen if you have Windows Beta UTF-8 enabled.  Please follow the instructions at this link make this this setting is disabled (unchecked) by following the instructions here; https://www.gaeb-online.de/hilfe2014/nounicode_en.html