2023 Season 1 Patch 3 Hotfix 2 Release Notes [2023.02.01.02]

This Hotfix includes a needed fix for the 2023 Season 1 Patch 3 Release.



Tire Model

Fixed an issue for some cars where tire rubber was becoming unrealistically extra conditioned when driving over curbs and rumble strips.

Surface Model

Soft surface model properties for gravel have been updated.

New Damage Model

A system-wide adjustment has been made for how bodies that connect and retain contact with each other over time behave. This change is designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of objects snagging on one another.

- - Objects that retain contact with each other must be allowed a degree of lateral displacement, provided they can overcome the forces of friction provided by their surfaces, the angle of movement, and the force of the movement. Too much displacement can cause snagging. To avoid snagging, we have limited the amount of displacement allowed relative to the axis of contact.

Physics properties for a variety of wall objects have been adjusted to prevent snagging and catching behaviors, as well as reduce the likelihood of a vehicle becoming stuck bisecting the wall. These adjustments should also create more uniform damage from impacts based on the wall type. The wall types affected include: concrete, chain link fences, ARMCO barriers, and tire walls.


Fixed an issue where users’ screens would serve a 10 second penalty in a dark void after loading a replay that included the maximum number of car types in the session.



<Car Class> GT3 Cars

A New Damage Model tuning update has been completed for these cars to avoid excessive scraping from curb impacts.

NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Toyota Camry

Texture mapping on the front fenders has been updated. This fixes some UV warping from the 2023 Season update, and fixes issues with damage decals and camera draw distances.



Daytona International Speedway

(Road Course) - Slowdown penalties have been added to the banked apron, and cones have been adjusted to show where it is safe to use the apron again.