Windows Reliability Monitor can let you review all issues and alerts seen on your PC in the last two weeks. It is a standard part of all supported versions of Windows and should already be installed on your PC. 

To open the monitor press the Windows key to open the start menu, then type Reliability Monitor. Click this result to open the utility.

The top half of the program shows a grid of icons. Each column represents one day while each row represents a different type of event, and these are listed on the right side.

Clicking on a day in the top half will show the details from that day in the bottom half of the window. 

Typically you will want to look for critical events. In this case we see a critical error from both the iRacing sim and Logitech GHUB. This would suggest the user should reinstall or try uninstalling GHUB and see if that resolves whatever issue they're having. 

Double clicking on an event in the bottom half of the window will open a detailed view. While this may be too complicated to use for your own troubleshooting, please include it when reaching out to iRacing Support!