What is AutoFuel?

AutoFuel is a feature to improve your race strategy. When driving in a race that requires a pit stop (or pit stops) the AutoFuel function will calculate the correct amount of fuel to get you to the end of the race without having too much left over.

Remember, any extra fuel is extra weight that makes you slower! 

How Do I Use AutoFuel?

AutoFuel can be found in the Fuel Black Box, which by default can be brought up by pressing F4. 

The Auto Fuel checkbox enables or disables the function. Disabling it allows the user to put any amount of fuel in as they normally would, using the Add inputs. 

Margin (Laps) tells your crew chief how much margin you want to have at the end of the race. This is useful if you want to be extra safe or if you expect there to be multiple Green-White-Checker attempts that extend the race. Adjusting Add will turn off AutoFuel and revert to normal fueling.

Begin Fueling will be checked and the text (Auto Set) displayed when your next fuel stop has been configured by the Auto Fuel system. Changing the fuel amount manually will disable the system.

How Do I Know If I Have Fuel Data?

The iRacing spotter can tell you both when you don't have fuel data and when you've collected enough. 

When leaving the pits without fuel data the spotter will tell you to run some cleans laps in order to collect data. 

When you run enough laps to get good fuel data the spotter will tell you that they have good data now. 

Why Can I Not Enable It?

If you see the box disabled as seen on the right it is for one of the following reasons:

  1. We do not have fuel data for you. Run some laps with the desired car and track to generate data, then the box will activate and allow you to enable AutoFuel.

  2. It is not a race session.