2023 Season 2 Patch 4 Release Notes [2023.04.18.02]

This Patch includes a variety of updates and fixes for the 2023 Season 2 Release.



AI Racing

Fixed an issue where AI Drivers could sometimes select a substantially inferior downforce package for an event.


The pop-up warning text for increasing graphics memory sliders into the Danger Zone has been updated.


For Force Feedback, improved the remaining issues with GameInput API where some wheels could complain and cause conflicts with iRFFB.



<Car Class> Stock Car Pro Series Cars

Contingency decals and branding have been updated for the 2023 Season.

Audi R8 LMS GT3

Fixed an issue where the R8 logo on the trunk would appear incorrect when the New Damage Model was in use for this car.

Dallara F3

iRacing setups have been updated.

Mercedes-AMG GT4

Improved ABS system with faster response and better control and performance.

Vehicle mass has increased slightly.

Fixed an issue where RPM lights were not displaying at correct intervals.

iRacing setups have been updated.