2023 Season 2 Patch 5 Release Notes [2023.05.08.02]

This Patch includes a variety of updates and fixes for the 2023 Season 2 Release.




iRacing has undergone changes to ensure that it continues to be compatible with upcoming releases of the Electron application framework.

Button styles have been updated for improved contrast.

Fixed an issue with inconsistent icons displaying in the "Race Now" and "Test Drive" buttons.


Changes have been made to improve the security between iRacing and the Electron framework. We would like to thank Stephen Shkardoon (ss23) for the responsible disclosure of the reported issues.

- - As a reminder, security issues can be reported at infosec@iracing.com.

Official Series

A new column for Track Name has been added to the Sessions list for Official Series.

Fixed an issue where clicking the Back button in Go Racing > Series Results > Results was not taking you back to the Series Results tab.

Fixed an issue with the Event Start countdown and the Register button on the Series List for events that launched more than 30 minutes ago without the customer refreshing the page.

AI Racing

Fixed an issue where all cars available for joining an AI Event appeared to show an “Add to Cart” button, including cars you already owned.

Test Drive

Fixed an issue with the weather background images for Sunrise and Sunset.


A “NEW!” prefix label has been added to the names of all content which was released less than 90 days ago. This content is also automatically floated to the top of the Store pages lists and grids, regardless of the selected sorting method.

- - Filters hide/display the “NEW!” items if applicable.

Friends List

If the Friends List is open when a modal window appears, it will now disappear until the modal window is closed.




Fixed an issue where the mouse-over tooltip for the WAIT button was hidden behind other interface elements. It now appears correctly below the button and informs the user why they are waiting for the DRIVE button to appear.



<Car Class> GT3 Cars

iRacing setups have been updated.