2023 Season 4 Patch 1 Release Notes [2023.09.08.05]

This Patch includes a variety of updates and fixes for the 2023 Season 4 Release.



Paint Shop

Fixed an issue where the Paint Shop could freeze or run very slowly upon switching cars.



Race Servers

Fixed an issue where a driver could crash the Simulator when transitioning from an Open Practice race server to a Race race server if their video memory usage would exceed the video memory slider’s limits.


Off-track surface parameters have been rebalanced for tire interaction.


Removed the "disableWindowsCoreAudio" entry from the “app.ini” file, as WindowsCoreAudio is essential for XAudio2.9.

- - This will automatically be removed after restarting the Simulator.



<Car Class> GTP Cars

Fixed an issue where some rear view camera portals were using the incorrect aspect ratio.

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1

For the New Damage Model, the break limits for the hood have been reduced.

Acura ARX-06 GTP

Updated the UI images for this car.

Ferrari 296 GT3

Mirrors have been updated when viewing from farther camera distances.

Several artwork updates and fixes have been completed, including: 

- - Fixed an issue where tires could flicker or render in front of other objects incorrectly.

- - Fixed an issue where the cockpit glass was turning white at certain viewing angles.

- - A missing windshield wiper has been found and attached.

- - The hue for white colors on the vehicle chassis have been updated.

- - The UI image for this car has been updated.

- - Ambient occlusion textures have been updated.

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

Fixed an issue where the driver of this car could “T-pose” when the steering wheel was turned to its maximum rotations.

Modified - SK / NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified

For the New Damage Model, fixed an issue where the front bumper was made of ghost-metal. It is now a solid object, and will impact things in front of it correctly.

Porsche 963 GTP

Fuel economy has been adjusted slightly for improved class balance.

Super Formula SF23

Car Rules information has been added for this car.

Fixed an issue where this car was refueling during pit stops.

Fixed an issue where the rear wing lights could appear to detach from the car at far camera distances.



Circuit de Lédenon

Many artwork updates and fixes have been completed, including: 

- - Improved some visual popping as a camera changed distances from some objects, including trees and trucks.

- - Fence adverts have been added.

- - Some retaining walls have been added and the terrain has been molded to fit them.

- - The central trees have been updated.

- - Terrain detail textures have been updated.

- - The track marshal shed has been updated.

- - A floating tree has been relocated.

Circuit Zandvoort

Fixed an issue where some curbs were making incorrect sounds.

Pit entry bollards have improved physics.

Many artwork updates and fixes have been completed, including: 

- - Fixed an issue where the pit garage building could appear to be floating in the air.

- - Fixed an issue with the pit wall surfaces flickering.

- - A variety of track surface, dirt, and terrain edge textures have been updated.

- - Fixed an issue with flickering pit wall textures.

- - Some catch fences have been updated.

- - Fixed an issue where the pit entrance fence was cutting through a wall.

- - Fixed some issues with the appearance of grandstands at certain camera distances.

- - Flagpoles have been updated.

- - Marshal hut safety cages have been installed and the numbers and signs for them have been relocated.

- - An embankment platform has been added.

- - Street lights have been added to the tunnel entrance and surrounding areas.

- - Waste bins have been updated.

- - A variety of dumpsters have been deployed to keep the track clean.

- - Some floating environment objects have been grounded.

- - Fixed an issue with the bloom on the roof of the pit building.

- - Various buildings outside the track area have been updated.

Kern County Raceway Park

Barney, Legendary Flagman, has brought his flagging booths over to the Dirt Track!

Catch fences have been added near the pit area.

Various walls near Turn 3 have been updated.