2023 Season 4 Patch 1 Hotfix 1 Release Notes [2023.09.11.03]

This Hotfix includes critical fixes for the 2023 Season 4 Patch 1 Release.




Addressed an issue with local loading of assets across environments. [Fix deployed with 2023 Season 3 June release]

- - We would like to thank Ander Gómez for the responsible disclosure of the reported issue.

As a reminder, security issues can be reported at infosec@iracing.com.


Options have been added so users can more directly control dynamic object shadows in mirrors.

- - Previously the "Higher Detail In Mirrors" option would control turning these shadows on for mirrors, and cube maps would always include these shadows.

- - We've changed this so there is an option to control if dynamic object shadows are used for the main view or for both the main view and mirrors. We've also changed cube maps so that they will never render dynamic object shadows.

- - This allows users to use higher detail mirrors without the additional cost of shadows. It also makes using cube maps less expensive.

Fixed an issue where the maximum allowable rendered shapes amount was too low for the recent graphics changes to the Deferred Rendering List with 2023 Season 4.

- - Overrunning the shape buffer was causing the user to crash out of the Simulator.