Steps to Manually Change these Settings:

If you'd like to make adjustments to the settings selected for your hardware, take these steps.

1. Open your documents/iRacing folder

   the full file path of this folder is C:\Users\< your user >\Documents\iRacing

2. Click on the renderer ini file to open the file in a text editor (like Windows Notepad)

if you are launching the sim from the iRacing UI with display mode: monitor selected, click on rendererDX11Monitor.ini

if you are launching the sim from the iRacing UI with display mode: < VR runtime > selected click on rendererDX11< VR runtime >.ini

3. In the [Graphics Options] section, locate the lines below

SysMemToUseMB=12220                                 ; (64-bit) 1024 to 32768 MB
VidMemToUseMB=6426                                  ; Maximum GPU video memory to consume (MB)

4. Make changes to the RAM or VRAM in MB.  (Note: 20% below your maximum available is recommended for both)

5. Save the file without changing the filename or location.

6. Restart the sim


These are common issues that members experience related to the RAM and VRAM settings.

1. If the display on your in-sim steering wheel, car paints, or trackside advertisements is blurry, it is likely the settings in Options > Graphic > Advanced Graphics are too high for the amount of RAM and VRAM allocated to the sim (this can also vary depending on the session type, track, etc.)


    Either increase the MaxWorkingSetMB_64Bit and VidMemMB settings to resolve this issue or reduce graphics quality.

2. If sessions fail to launch at 90% of the session load, the amount of memory allocated to the sim is likely incorrect.

To fix this issue, please ensure your PC meets the system requirements in the guide below and that the MaxWorkingSetMB_64Bit and VidMemMB are set correctly for your hardware.

3. If you are experiencing blurry graphics or the sim isn't launching, and the RAM and VRAM settings are set correctly for your hardware, other applications may compete for PC resources.

To resolve this issue, Open Windows Task Manager and stop applications and background tasks that aren't required to run Windows or the sim. You can also prevent applications from starting when you boot your PC in Windows Settings > Apps > Startup