We use real and complete first and last names. You can reference section 4.1 of the Terms of Service: https://d3bxz2vegbjddt.cloudfront.net/members/pdfs/iracing_terms_v2020-07-20.pdf 


**When requesting a name change, please visit our support page https://support.iracing.com/en/support/home to contact support from our portal or email support@iracing.com from the email address connected to your account. If you are unable to reach out from the email address connected to your account, there will be a series of steps to verify ownership.**


Much of the satisfaction of being a member of our community comes from the personal relationships that are formed and maintained here. We also find that racing under your own identity helps increase the overall sportsmanship factor among members. For these reasons, we require members to register using their real names, which, in addition to facilitating friendships, promotes personal responsibility.

However, there are times when a name change is appropriate. 

Examples include:

• Your account was created using a credit card that is not yours; ie. parent, spouse, etc. If you are under the age of majority in your legal jurisdiction (which is age 18 years old) you will need to provide parental consent. Form attached and more information below:

iRacing Parental Consent and Release.docx

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• You would like to add or remove your middle name

• Your name is misspelled or characters are not displaying correctly

• You would like to use a different version of your first name for example Joe instead of Joseph

• You would like to change your name for confidentiality or privacy reasons (More information about a name change for privacy can be provided by Support. Please contact us directly.)

• Your name has legally changed.


If changing your name, we don’t allow for “made up” names that are fantasy style names common in other games, inappropriate names, names created to seek false attention, names of famous people or characters, etc. 

The name must be a complete first and last name. 

You cannot use a single letter as the first or last name unless it is in conjunction with a full name. ie: J John Doe 

You can use two letters as a first name. ie: JD Doe

             **John Doe is used as an example and is not a valid name that can be used in Sim. 


If you are contacting us regarding removing a number from your name, we will need to add a middle name, initial, or use another variation of your name. We cannot manually add numbers or symbols to display names. 

We are unable to swap names from inactive accounts to active accounts, whether it is to remove a number or to use an already used variation of your name. As mentioned above, we will need to add a middle name, initial, or use another variation of your name to your active account. 

We cannot have duplicate names in our system. Numbers are added automatically at signup to differentiate between duplicated names; however, we cannot add numbers manually. 


A single account cannot swap names back and forth. Once a name is used, it is locked into the system, meaning it cannot be used again at any time. 


To request a name change email our customer support team directly at support@iracing.com or click HERE to submit a New Support Ticket. 


Be sure to include the following information:

Your customer ID # or the email address associated with your iRacing account. 

The current name on the account. 

The name you wish to have as your display name.

The reason for the requested name change. 

Your date of birth including month, day and year. 

You can find your Customer ID# by clicking on the helmet on the UI, and then choose Profile. It will be on the top left. Or by choosing Account from the Members Site. There it's listed on the top right, under the iRacing logo.

If you are over 13 years of age, but under the age of a legal adult (age of 18), often referred to as the age of majority, we need your legal guardian or the person who paid for the account to complete the Parental Consent (attached) and email it to Support@iracing.com in order for us to change your name - OR - your parent or guardian can contact us from their email address with the above information. 


In addition, the account must have been yours originally. iRacing accounts are not transferable and cannot be sold. 


Please note: Once your display name is changed, it cannot be changed back at any time.


If interested please see our EULA* section 4.1 which we have also listed below and our Privacy Policy. For more detailed information about your account and privacy information here: https://www.iracing.com/privacy-policy/


*From the EULA:

Eligibility. In order to register for the Sim, you must be an adult according to the laws of the jurisdiction (i.e. state or country, as the case may be) in which you reside. If you are not an adult, if you wish to use the Sim you must have a parent or guardian register for the Sim on your behalf. By registering for the Sim, you are making a representation to iRacing that you are an adult in the jurisdiction in which you reside and that you agree to this Agreement on behalf of yourself and, at your discretion, for one (1) minor child not under the age of 13 for whom you are a parent or guardian and whom you have authorized to use the account you create to use the Sim. In the event that you register a minor child not under the age of 13 to use the Sim, you hereby agree to this Agreement on behalf of yourself and such minor, and you understand and agree that you will be responsible for all uses of the Sim by the minor you register, whether or not such uses were authorized by you. In any event, the Sim is not designed for minors under the age of 13, so minors under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the Sim.