2024 Season 1 Patch 4 Release Notes [2024.01.23.01]

This Patch Release contains a variety of updates, fixes, and improvements for the 2024 Season 1 Release. The most notable change includes a full set of artwork updates to the NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Cars for the NASCAR 2024 Season.



Paint Shop

Fixed an issue where some drivers were not taking the appropriate relaxed pose while modeling their suit.



AI Racing

AI Drivers have received a special class on driving all of the GT3 Class cars, and they should be much better balanced.


Fixed an issue where water appeared black and oily if SSR was enabled.

Pace Car

The Ford Mustang pace car textures have been updated.



<Car Class> NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Cars

Vehicle artwork and textures have been updated to match the NASCAR 2024 Season.

Acura ARX-06 GTP

Fixed a texture blemish on the left-front fender.


Driver and pedal animations have been updated.

Fixed an issue where the cockpit windshield banner was not appearing in non-cockpit cameras.


Fixed brake lights on the trunk that were not working. 

Dallara IR18

Added Shell Fuel logo, revised Indy tire sidewall logo to match the 2023 season logo.

Ferrari 296 GT3

Engine torque has been increased slightly for improved BoP.

NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Toyota Camry

Fixed an animation jitter when shifting gears.

NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Camry

Removed an errant steam blowoff effect that could sometimes appear.

[Legacy] Mercedes-AMG GT3

Fixed some issues with driver pedal animations.

[Legacy] Mazda MX-5 Cup & Roadster - 2010

This car, including both models (Cup and Roadster), is now FREE to all iRacing Members. This car is now part of the base content for iRacing, and has been added to all accounts.



Atlanta Motor Speedway

Fixed an issue where this track was closed for some time during the winter when in reality it is host to events all year long. Any date may now be selected when creating Hosted events here.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

(Open Wheel Oval) - Track grip properties have been updated slightly.

Nürburgring Grand-Prix-Strecke

(Grand Prix) - Fixed a text error with the track length information display.

Sebring International Raceway

(International) - Fixed a text error with the track length information display.