Rainy weather may only be enabled on asphalt Road tracks.

Rainy weather may only be enabled at Sessions with rain-ready cars.

There are three types of weather generation to choose from: Static, Forecasted, and Timeline.

  • Static Weather: Select a few parameters, including cloud cover, track moisture, and temperature. The weather in the Session will not change as time passes. Rain effects will appear when track moisture is set high enough, and the cloud cover is overcast. Rain does not accumulate, drain, or impact the track state in any way, and the track remains identical lap after lap.
  • Forecasted Weather: Select from a set of guidelines to build a forecast for the Session, which predicts the likely weather that will be experienced in the event.  Manually select parameters, including rain, and iRacing's weather system will run with them.  Or you may choose "Auto" Mode, where iRacing will use historical weather data sourced directly from the selected track to craft a realistic day for you.
  • Timeline Weather: Craft a bespoke weather experience using customizable blocks of time throughout your event.  

iRacing Simulation

The Weather Tab provides current and forecasted weather information, including a Doppler radar map. 

The "View Forecast" button will be available for all Sessions that use Forecasted Weather.

  • This button allows you to view the expected weather information for any Session.  It details which Weather Mode was used to create the Session and whether rain is possible.
  • This is a weather forecast and is not a guarantee—meteorology is not an exact science, and the longer the Session, the more opportunity Mother Nature has to shift the winds.  The Session will respect specific options, such as setting the chance of rain to none.  All the other options are hints as to what forecast the weather system will build.

The INFO tab under TRACK CONDITIONS and the WEATHER tab shows the track's current wetness level.

The Weather black box (F11)shows basic weather details and features a Weather Report button that will trigger your Spotter to give you the latest weather report details.