2024 Season 2 Patch 1 Hotfix 1 Release Notes [2024.03.18.01]

This Hotfix Release contains critical fixes for the 2024 Season 2 Patch 1 Release. This includes a temporary rolling back for our AntiCheat Software to EasyAnti Cheat in order to address a handful of crippling issues experienced by hundreds of Members. We continue to investigate and work towards fixing these properly, in addition to other fixes.




Fixed an issue where the new Rovaler Awards were not yet earnable.



AntiCheat Software

iRacing has received a significant number of reports related to issues with the newly implemented Epic Online Services (EOS) version of AntiCheat Software. While our team works through these issues with the developers at Epic, we will be rolling back the integration of EOS as our AntiCheat Software solution and restoring functionality for EasyAnti Cheat (EAC), our previous AntiCheat Software solution.

- - After this update, the iRacing software will conduct its checks through EAC instead of EOS, as before the 2024 Season 2 Release. Ultimately, this should have no adverse effect for both new and existing customers.

- - This service should already be running for existing customers and should install correctly for new customers. If you notice any AntiCheat Software issues after this update, please run the EasyAnti Cheat service executable packaged with iRacing (EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe).

- - If you continue to have AntiCheat Software issues, please contact Customer Service and let us know!

- - We intend to switch back to EOS as our AntiCheat Software provider only after we are satisfied we have resolved all outstanding issues with internal testing.


As part of the AntiCheat Software roll-back, the issue where some users were unable to join any online Sessions, and only able to launch Test Drive and AI Solo-Sessions, should be fixed.

As part of the AntiCheat Software roll-back, the issue where some users could not launch Time Trial Sessions or Time Attack Sessions should be fixed.

Race Servers

Some processing has been adjusted to reduce the Race Server loads during times of high CPU stress.

iRacing Weather System

The method of updating off-track surface water values has been updated.

- - This change should alleviate some of the excessively slippy areas.

Asphalt surfaces that are off the actual track are now considered unpolished asphalt surfaces.

Improved the processing method of the Race Server for rainy Sessions.


Fixed an issue that could occur if the iRacing window was resized while quarter-resolution particles were present in the world.

Fixed an issue where the Simulation would crash immediately for the first time after the Graphics Auto Configuration tool was run.

Virtual Reality

As part of the AntiCheat Software roll-back, the issue where many VR users were getting stuck at loading between 5% and 13% (where the SIM would quit unexpectedly) should be fixed.