2024 Season 2 Patch 1 Hotfix 2 Release Notes [2024.03.20.02]

This Hotfix Release contains critical fixes for the 2024 Season 2 Patch 1 Release. We continue to investigate and work towards fixing several other high-priority issues.



iRacing Weather System

The maximum allowable rain rate in iRacing Official Series Sessions has been reduced slightly.

- - This ensures that Official Series Sessions remain drivable even during the rainiest conditions.

Vastly improved the processing load for calculating track reference lines and wet awareness, minimizing the demand on Race Server CPUs.




Fixed an issue where small brake lights would blink when rain lights were active.

Porsche 963 GTP

Fixed a bad issue with artifacts appearing in some windshield reflections.



Sebring International Raceway

Some toppled cones have been revived.

An improperly installed curb has been removed.

Environment object rain sounds have been fine-tuned.

Wild West Motorsports Park

Fixed a loading issue that could occur with this track.