We are able to convert most Steam based accounts to Direct iRacing. 

Please know that we are NOT able to convert direct iRacing accounts to Steam. This is not possible. 


Once converted, you will need to make all of your future purchases directly through the iRacing member's website and no longer through Steam. 

You will not lose any of the cars, tracks, licenses, awards, certificates, stats, or current subscription time as a result of the conversion.

Please know that you will need to uninstall from Steam and reinstall through iRacing directly. 

You will not be able to change back to Steam once this conversion has taken place.

If you are interested in an account conversion, please reach out to Customer Support from the email address that you use to log into iRacing for security reasons. 

Once we receive your email, we will need to verify that this is how you want to proceed and then we will send instructions for the conversion.