You can renew early at any time (which will add on to your current subscription) by logging on to

  • Go to Account
  • Log into your Account
  • Click Renew My Subscription 
  • In the Subscription Choices section, choose the desired length from the drop down (1m, 3m, 1y or 2y).
  • Click on the Renew Early button at the bottom
  • Proceed with your purchase.

This will add the new subscription time to the end of your current subscription and you will not lose any time.

For example, if your account is set to expire in March, but you want to renew early in January for another year, it will add a year onto the end of your membership making your new expiration date March of the next year, not January of next year.

You can also change your subscription length by renewing early. Simply follow the steps above and whichever length you choose(1m, 3m, 1y, 2y), will become your new subscription length. This means, if your auto renew option is ON, the next time it renews automatically, it will renew for the subscription length most recently purchased.

If you purchased iRacing through Steam, you will need to contact Steam Support for further assistance.