If you are unable to log into the UI as well as members.iracing.com and get an error of Invalid Email or Password, please reset your password.

You will find this FAQ helpful on resetting your password:  Cannot Log In - How to Reset Your Password


If you are not getting the invalid email or password error but are having issues logging into the members website (members.iracing.com) via a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge), please try and log into the iRacing UI.

You should have these two icons on your Desktop:

Double click the iRacing UI button to open the user interface.

Enter your login information here:

If you successfully log in, you can use the iRacing UI (there are many features on the UI that are not available on the members website), or if you would like to go back to the website, you can click your Helmet at the top right and choose Classic Website.


If you are having issues launching the UI, there are 3 ways to do so:

1. From the desktop icon

2. By clicking the top of the iRacing members website (members.iracing.com)

3. Directly from where you have iRacing installed (by default this is C:\Program Files (x86)\iRacing) in the UI folder and double clicking "iRacingUI.exe"?

**Make sure that this location is the same as the location that your iRacing Service is running. To check, open your Windows Task Manager, look for the process called "iRacing.com Helper Service"
- right click and choose Properties - this will show you the location. 

If this works please right click the mouse and choose Create Shortcut. Please delete the old shortcut if you have one. 



You can use this new desktop icon to launch the UI.


If the issue persists with the UI, please follow the below instructions to clear the UI cache:

Please first quit the UI, then go to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming and delete the "iracing-electron" folder.

If you don’t see this folder, it may be because it is hidden. In the File Explorer window, click View and then check “Hidden Items”. See below  for assistance.  


Another option to find the electron folder, is to click into the My PC window and type %appdata% for the list to populate for the user that is logged into Windows at that time. 




Once you have deleted the "iracing-electron" folder, log back into your iRacing account. You may need to repeat these steps a few times before it works.