This Hotfix contains some fixes for the 2020 Season 4 Release.


Up Next and Series

- Fixed an issue with the time display and Series Name on the Current Series and Up Next pages.

Paint Shop

- Fixed an issue where a driver could lose their face.

- Fixed an issue where a users car paint was getting overwritten when painting the same car for an AI Roster member.

- The "Apply to All X" buttons have been removed from Swatches in the AI Roster Car Paint Shop.

- Fixed a back-end issue caused by having an undefined car number color.


- Fixed an issue where the UI title was getting updated after landing on the Replay page.


AI Racing

- AI Drivers have received additional training with the following vehicles:
- - Dallara F3

Race Control

- Fixed an issue which caused users to be seemingly randomly disqualified in Official Sessions immediately upon entering with the listed reason as: "Admin Penalty".


- Fixed an issue with fog and haze computations for objects at far distances from the camera.



- Fixed an issue where this vehicle was not properly utilizing level-of-detail models for external camera views. This should improve rendering performance when viewing this vehicle.

Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE

- Fixed an issue with the Corvette C8 logo on the steering wheel.

Dallara P217

- Steering lock range has been expanded.


Crandon International Raceway

- Some tree overlap has been adjusted.

Phillip Island Circuit

- Environmental Sounds have been updated.
- - Australian-specific ambient sounds have been added.
- - A missing PA speaker has been added.
- - Proper pit sound effects have been placed.

Weedsport Speedway

- Unburied some picnic tables at the pavilion.