2020 Season 4 Patch 2 Release Notes [2020.09.29.01]

This Patch contains some updates and fixes for the 2020 Season 4 Release.


- The query for the last ten races on a user's profile has been updated to pull aggregate Championship Points for Heat Races.

- A direct link has been added to take a user between their My Cars and My Tracks pages.

- The Help & Support button on the Membersite homepage now links to the Documents and Tools page.

- - A variety of the resources here are excellent self-help resources.

- A large button has been added at the top of the Documents and Tools page that takes a user to the iRacing Support Homepage.

- - Navigate here for even more self-help tools, FAQs, and to directly contact Customer Support.


Purchase Discount

- We have updated our method for calculating the application of the 20% Off - 40+ Pieces Club for our Members.

- - As of last week, this discount is automatically applied to your Cart if your account owns 40 or more full price pieces of content. This includes cars and tracks that you may have purchased at full price, only to later have them become part of the iRacing default content.


- Fixed an issue with flickering particle effects, such as smoke and dirt, in car mirrors.

Visual Effects

- Tire smoke has been updated.

- Fixed an issue where dust puffs were spinning rapidly.


- For the Camera Tool, the camera select macro now switches to your own car using the command /-4/<enter> typed out on the number pad.


- Fixed a crashing issue that could occur when moving the play-head around rapidly in the Replay.


- Support for the XBox One Elite controller series 2 in wireless mode has been added.


Dallara IR18

- New iRacing Setups have been added for Phoenix Raceway.

Ford Fiesta RS WRC

- Yokohama branding has been added to tire sidewalls.

McLaren MP4-30

- iRacing Season setups have been updated.

- Significantly increased wear rate for all tire compound types.

NASCAR Cup Series Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

- iRacing Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Cup Series Ford Mustang

- iRacing Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Camry

- iRacing Season setups have been updated.

Subaru WRX STI

- Yokohama branding has been added to tire sidewalls.

Super Late Model

- An updated tire archetype has been applied to this vehicle!

- Vehicle physics have been updated.

- iRacing Season setups have been updated.

USF 2000

- Fixed an issue where customized wheel rim color was not displaying correctly.

- Fixed an issue where rotor glow was not appearing correctly.

VW Beetle

- Yokohama branding has been added to tire sidewalls.


Charlotte Motor Speedway

- Pit out light position has been adjusted.

Lånkebanen (Hell RX)

- Norwegian PA announcements have been added to this track.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

- Fixed an issue where the front stretch of pit wall would be invisible on Low Detail settings.


- Fixed an issue where some fans would be visible while the grandstand in which they were seated was invisible on some Detail settings.