This Hotfix contains a trunk-load of iRacing UI updates and fixes, and some fixes for the 2020 Season 4 Patch 4 Release.



- A new tab has been added the the Account window, Connection.
- - This tab allows you to select your desired connection type, as you may from the iRacing Membersite. For example, you may select "DSL, Cable, Fiber, 1Mbit/sec or faster".

- A link has been added to the Account page where you can redeem Gift and Promotional Codes.
- - This area also now displays your current balance of iRacing Dollars.


- A new button has been added to the Store: iRacing Dollars!
- - You can find this button in the Store section on the sidebar.
- - This button takes you to a page where you may purchase iRacing Dollars for yourself or others.

Price List

- An informative banner has been added at the top of the window, informing users how many more pieces of content they need in order to begin receiving the "20% off - 40+ Piece Club" discount, or if they are already benefiting.

- A progress bar has been added to the top of the window, informing users of how many pieces of content they own, and how many are available.

- The Car / Track tab buttons have been updated.

- Each item's Owned/Unowned status has been put in a single column. Any unowned items feature a "Purchase" button.

- Each item in the list now always features an "Info" button that takes the user to the item's information page.

Up Next

- The visible fields have been adjusted and improved for narrow screen sizes.

Current Series

- For table view, the visible fields have been adjusted and improved for narrow screen sizes.


- Search functionality for international characters has been added.
- - Search boxes now correctly recognize the following international characters: å, é, ó, and ü.

Join a Race

- For the Entries List, fixed an issue where text could appear for a user's Selected Car instead of a small thumbnail image of their livery.

Create a Race

- Fixed an issue with the "Back" button having an incorrect behavior.


- The night lighting status on each track's information page has been made more clear.

Track Maps

- New track maps have been added for the following tracks:
- - Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari
- - Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya
- - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
- - Circuit Park Zandvoort
- - Circuit Zolder
- - Okayama International Circuit
- - Oran Park Raceway
- - Oulton Park Circuit
- - Oxford Plains Speedway
- - Phillip Island Circuit
- - [Legacy] Michigan International Speedway - 2009
- - [Legacy] Phoenix Raceway - 2008
- - [Legacy] Pocono Raceway - 2009
- - [Legacy] Silverstone Circuit - 2008
- - [Legacy] Texas Motor Speedway - 2009

Loading Screen

- Fixed a gap in the text spacing that appeared on the right side when loading into the Simulator.


- Fixed an issue where a multi-car Team Session would incorrectly show a green Register button when a user owned at least one of the cars used by the session, but not the car selected for use by their Team.
- - Now, a yellow Purchase button correctly displays. If the user purchases the needed car, then the button changes to the green Register button.

Declare Drivers

- Fixed an issue where a previously Declared Driver was seeing a "Watch" button to join the Team Session in progress instead of a "Register as Driver" button.

Documents and Tools

- A link to our Membersite Documents and Tools page has been added.



- The user preference for applying your iRacing Dollars and Credits to your subscription has been expanded to include car and track purchases.
- - When enabled (checked), transactions for subscription renewals, car purchases, and track purchases will all utilize your available iRacing Dollars and Credits first. This is the default behavior, and is not a change.
- - When disabled (not checked), transactions for subscription renewals, car purchases, and track purchases will NOT utilize your available iRacing Dollars and Credits. This is an expanded behavior, as it now includes car and track purchases.
- - - You can find this option under: Account --> Preferences.


Race Control

- The code that computes the pit exit delay at the start of a race has been updated to allow for a variety of new cases, including the Crandon International Raceway land-rush.
- - Crandon's pit exit delay should now work as one would expect using either configuration.

Visual Effects

- Adjusted dirt racing particles for improved frame-rates.


ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala

- For the New Damage Model, collision parameters have been adjusted to prevent front-end damage to the fenders, hood, and bumper from rubbing on the wheels and giving an unintended speed boost.


Autódromo José Carlos Pace

- Track check points have been updated slightly.

Five Flags Speedway

- Additional merge check points have been added for pit exit.

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park

- A Jersey barrier has been added to prevent cutting the tabletop jump.