Are you unable to apply iRacing dollars/credits to a purchase? If so, you may have your preferences set to not allow the use of iRacing credits or dollars towards your content or subscription. 

You can turn this option on by going to your account on and scroll down to preferences. 

You will see the option below. If you want to use the iRacing credits/dollars towards your purchases, make sure it's checked and click Save.  If you have it on and would like it off, you can uncheck the box here and click Save.


You can also toggle this option while in the Cart during the checkout process. 

When in the cart, if you’d like to use iRacing credits/dollars towards the purchase, check the box below: 

When you check the box, a pop up will prompt you to confirm this preference. Click Ok if you accept.

The page will then refresh and the iRacing credits/dollars will be applied to the purchase on the cart screen and your total will be updated to reflect this change. 

If you’d like to remove the iRacing credits/dollars from the purchase, check the same box, confirm with OK and they will be removed from the purchase and the total will be adjusted to reflect the preference change.

You can then finish the checkout process.

Remember, this preference will be applied towards all future purchases(subscriptions/content purchases)  as well, until changed again.

For subscription purchases, although you may have enough iRacing dollars or credits to cover the cost of your purchase, a valid form of payment (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal or Venmo  with at least $1) are required for verification purposes. If you do not have a valid payment form on file, you will need to add one to make a successful subscription purchase.

Please know that iRacing credits expire 2 years from the date they are issued to your account.