How do I use Venmo?
To use Venmo, please download the Venmo App on your phone, or if you already have it, make sure it’s up to date to the latest Venmo version. If it’s not up to date, it could cause an error during purchase when scanning our QR code.

Once you’ve selected your purchase, in the cart section, choose VENMO as your payment option. It will then display a QR code on your screen. Open your Venmo App, tap Scan. Make sure it’s on ‘Scan Code’ and align your scanner block with the code on your PC screen. Once scanned, you will then be promoted to Agree & Complete your purchase with Motorsports Simulations LLC on your Venmo App screen. Click Agree & Complete and your order will then complete the purchase process and a receipt should appear on your PC screen if it’s successful. You will also receive an emailed receipt confirmation that will show Venmo as your payment method and your Venmo username.

Will Venmo use my Venmo balance?
When using Venmo, it will always pull from your Venmo balance first. If your Venmo balance does not cover the entire cost of your purchase, you will then be able to select how you’d like to pay the balance of your purchase within your Venmo app.

Can I remove Venmo from my account?
If you’d like to remove Venmo as your payment method, go to "Settings" in the Venmo app and tap on "Connected Merchants." Select Motorsport Simulations LLC, and tap "Disconnect" at the bottom of the screen. Even if you disconnect your Venmo account from iRacing, it may still appear as a payment option within iRacing. However, iRacing won’t be able to charge your account if you’ve disconnected it through the Venmo app. Also, if your subscription purchase was made with Venmo, your auto renewal will fail unless you add another valid payment form.

What browsers support Venmo?
All of our supported browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) should work with Venmo.